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Before 2017, I identified myself in different roles, professions and structures.

Since then, I have been on the path of Service to Others.

Everything I offer you, I have experienced and I use it on a daily basis.


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diamond sun HOW I DO IT


I support you on different ways:

- Artwork: music, paintings, book...

- Individual session: as a coaching in which I guide you and propose exercices.

- Workshops: as a basis, a support on which you can begin a process of reflection on yourself.


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diamond sun MY APPROACH


All the prices that I indicate on my website are indicative.

You are free to enter this consciousness of energy exchange.

I accept barter proposals.



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Initial meeting

Before any personalized Song of the Soul or individual Singing class, I offer you a first talk with me. 






Personalized song of the soul

Your personalized Song of the Soul is a SACRED HEALING SPACE. By listening to it, you reconnect to your Heart: the soul doorway.

It’s preceded by a guided meditation designed to be consistent with what you want to work on, clean or heal.



Singing class

ACT for your healing by exploring YOUR VOICE.

At each session, you experience in synergy with our both voices, the benefit of a new voice tool.

Get the keys to be Autonomous in your experimentation process.




Song of the Soul



song of the soul 


A particular INTENTION is set with the whole group. 

Then, accompanied by my crystal bowls, I sing the Song of Soul for the group gathered for this session. 

The session is Protected. It is a SACRED SPACE for everyone. 

Benevolence, joy and family spirit are in the spotlight. 

Prepare for a 1h20 non-stop meeting. Make sure you are in a calm environnement and devote your space by lighting a candle for example. 

12 participants max/session in order to preserve the privacy and richness of our discussions.

The event is currently available in French. Let me know if you are interested by a session in english ;)

Singing workshop



sound yoga


In this sound singing class, YOU take ACTION !

With the whole group, we agree on a particular INTENT (eg: anchoring, heart healing ...) Then, I suggest a singing exercise revisited through the prism of my own experience and integration. Use YOUR VOICE to explore YOUR WAY, to discover or rediscover you ...

Everyone does the exercise from home, having as a reference myself, practicing it live. No prerequisite is necessary.

Then, I open the space for feelings sharing.

1h20 non-stop meeting. 

The event is available in french. Let me know if you are interested by an english session ;)



I met Juliette during the sacred feminine festival. I received my song of the soul. It was like diving into the arms of the Mother Source. It was like experimenting UNITY.

White lion

– Nathalie.

It’s unparalleled happiness, peace and such serenity to see and listen to your songs. A time that is transporting you to an infinite wisdom that the World truly needs.

White lion

– Jean-Michel.

Juliette fall into my life like an angel at the right time. I was looking for a therapist without having to analyze myself with my brain, the verbal and the mental. Her approach through music and the heart changed my life and brought the relief I was looking for. An opening to another world!

White lion

– Florence.

A PURE magical, wonderful and very powerful moment. Thank you Juliette for what you give through your voice which is only Love and Light.


– Magali.

Her amazing and vibrant music sculpts the light we carry deeply inside us. Her voice rocks us towards the unknown shores of our deepest Self. Dive, vibrate, explore.

White lion

– Christelle.

Juliette takes us deep inside, in all simplicity. It’s a connection to oneself, to the Earth, to the universe. Unity we need. It's a true « COME BACK TO THE ESSENTIAL" and it soothes... 

White lion 

– Marie.

Thank you Juliette for existing and highly vibrating the healing of love through your songs, your vibrations, your sacred sounds, revealing the secrets of our hidden wounds to be forever delivered.

White lion 

– Valérie.

Juliette is a very sensitive person who listens to the others emotions and feelings. She is a pure and authentic being. Come and discover her songs which are a pure awakening of the self.

White lion

– Delphine.


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