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I started with studies and a career as a biomedical engineer in Milan, San Francisco and London.

In 2017, change of course ! I returned to France to devote myself entirely to music therapy.

At the same time, I developed my own artistic creations including painting and music.

To this day, I dedicate my life to convey Healing through my Voice in all its forms.

It is my pleasure to sing for you. 








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I offer accompaniment through the spoken and/or sung voice.

Duration: 1h30-2h / Price in conscience

I receive in Collobrières (France) and I work at distance.

Contact: +33 (0)6 48 76 75 04



I offer concerts at home ! 

On the program: Song of the Soul and/or my latest album 'Humanité'. 

I often stay a few days to offer individual sessions as well.

Price in conscience (+ travel expenses) 




You will find all my creations on my online store.

I also offer creativity coaching in the form of individual sessions or video lessons.

Price in conscience. 


I met Juliette during the sacred feminine festival. I received my song of the soul. It was like diving into the arms of the Mother Source. It was like experimenting UNITY.

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– Nathalie.

It’s unparalleled happiness, peace and such serenity to see and listen to your songs. A time that is transporting you to an infinite wisdom that the World truly needs.

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– Jean-Michel.

Juliette fall into my life like an angel at the right time. I was looking for a therapist without having to analyze myself with my brain, the verbal and the mental. Her approach through music and the heart changed my life and brought the relief I was looking for. An opening to another world!

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– Florence.

A PURE magical, wonderful and very powerful moment. Thank you Juliette for what you give through your voice which is only Love and Light.


– Magali.

Her amazing and vibrant music sculpts the light we carry deeply inside us. Her voice rocks us towards the unknown shores of our deepest Self. Dive, vibrate, explore.

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– Christelle.

Juliette takes us deep inside, in all simplicity. It’s a connection to oneself, to the Earth, to the universe. Unity we need. It's a true « COME BACK TO THE ESSENTIAL" and it soothes... 

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– Marie.

Thank you Juliette for existing and highly vibrating the healing of love through your songs, your vibrations, your sacred sounds, revealing the secrets of our hidden wounds to be forever delivered.

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– Valérie.

Juliette is a very sensitive person who listens to the others emotions and feelings. She is a pure and authentic being. Come and discover her songs which are a pure awakening of the self.

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– Delphine.

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