Singing workshop ( group)

Price: 12.00‎€

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This workshop helps you to developp your Healing potential

session chant voix


In this workshop, YOU take ACTION !



With the whole group, we agree on a particular INTENT (eg: anchoring, heart healing ...) 


Then, I suggest a sound yoga exercise revisited through the prism of my experience and integration. Use YOUR VOICE to explore YOUR WAY, to discover or rediscover you ...



Everyone does the exercise from home, having as a reference myself, practicing it live.



Then, I open the space for feelings sharing.



Prepare for a 1h20 non-stop meeting. 



No prerequisite is necessary.


I send you all the information to join the Sound Yoga session after your booking is made.



This Sound Yoga session is currently set up in french. If you are interested by an english session, please, send me an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)


Note: the proposed price is in coherence with who I am. However this price remains free, in conscience and I accept barter proposals.


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Irène on 03-09-2021 12:05 PM
J’ai participé à une séance de Yoga du son avec Juliette : elle nous a guidé avec simplicité dans cette pratique puissante. L’intention de la séance est posée, Juliette donne le son et nous soutient, nous accompagne. Un temps suspendu, un temps vibratoire, de nettoyage et d’harmonisation. Et le cadeau d’improviser avec Juliette dans le dernier temps de la séance.
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